In this FAQ you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about marketin9 and learn how to use the marketin9 platform.

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Marketin9 – Who we are

marketin9 is a global content marketing platform that brings together advertisers and publishers interested in publishing quality brand content. On marketin9, content is king. Users of the platform can create or order content, and publish it on several thousand domains available in the marketin9 database. Users can take advantage of the platform free of charge; only services are paid. Ready to take your content marketing campaign to the next level? Start by registering on marketin9 and follow this tutorial for taking the first steps on the platform.
marketin9 was designed to help content marketers and publishers collaborate efficiently. We aim to help people create brand content of high quality, channel effective collaboration with partners, and offer publishers an opportunity for monetizing their portals or blogs.

marketin9 offers the following services to Advertisers and Publishers:


  • Ordering a sponsored article
  • Ordering an expert sponsored article
  • Finding publishers in marketin9
  • Publishing sponsored content


  • Adding websites and creating publishing offers
  • Ordering a sponsored article
  • Ordering an expert sponsored article
  • Writing articles for advertisers

Are you looking for tips and tricks to make your content marketing campaigns even more efficient? Check out our blog it’s full of resources for content marketers.

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Here are our contact details:

ORION MEDIA GROUP sp. z o.o. sp.k.
ul. Mlądzka 29/186, 04-136 Warszawa, Poland
NIP 1132869511
Regon 146909237
NR KRS 0000480304

Have you got any questions? Get in touch with us at help@marketin9.pl or info@marketin9.pl


Marketers are often confused about how SEO and content marketing come together. In general, SEO is a more technical area of expertise and content marketing takes on a broader and more holistic view. Content marketing may share some objectives with SEO – for example, improving a website’s rank in search engine results. But that does not have to be the only or primary goal of a content marketing campaign. To achieve best results, content marketers channel technical insights from SEO when implementing their content marketing strategies. Curious to find out the main differences and similarities between SEO content marketing? Read more on our blog.
SEO and content marketing are two techniques that complement each other. SEO requires content in the form of text that contains specific keywords. Content marketing is also about content and it refers to the practical application of SEO principles in content creation. There’s no denying that a fundamental component of SEO is keywords. SEO specialists research keywords, utilize them and track a website’s ranking for them in the SERPs. And that’s where content marketing comes in. It provides an opportunity for implementing keywords strategically throughout the brand content, written for humans to enjoy and for search engines to pick up. Another essential element of SEO is backlinks. Link building can only happen with content – and content is supplied by content marketers. To put it simply, the most efficient way of gaining backlinks is creating and publishing valuable content. Want to know more about why content marketing is so essential to SEO? Read more on our blog.
Yes, marketin9 offers DoFollow links. DoFollow links are links that allow search engines to follow them and reach a website, passing the so-called link juice. DoFollow links enhance search engine optimization strategies, ensuring that pages are visible to search engines, but also that the association of your website with others improves your standing.
Yes, marketin9 offers NoFollow links. NoFollow links are links that do not allow search engines to follow them. They do not pass on link juice and only humans will be able to follow them. NoFollow links are usually part of social media content or ad campaigns, and they bring in traffic to your website ensuring greater visibility of your brand on the web.
marketin9 is responsible for efficient execution of services purchased through our service that have a direct influence on the visibility of advertiser brands in search engines. marketin9 also offers support in executing SEO campaigns. However, the results of SEO campaigns depend on many variables we do not control and therefore we cannot take the responsibility for the results of SEO campaigns executed with the help of services offered on our platform.

Content marketing

Content marketing is a type of marketing that involves creating and sharing online materials such as articles, videos, social media posts, and other formats that intend to stimulate interest in brand products or services without explicitly promoting it. Content marketing is used by marketers to build brand awareness and bring value to customers.
It doesn’t matter what your target audience is, marketin9 has got you covered. Advertisers can publish content on portals and blogs. We divide blogs into general blogs and topic-specific blogs. We divide portals by topic and group them in 30 different categories to help you find the best place to publish your content.
Together with our partner Internetum, we are able to plan, execute, report, and support you throughout a content marketing campaign tailored to your individual needs. Do you need help in making your content marketing campaign work and bring you the best results? Get in touch with us.


marketin9 provides advertisers with access to the largest global database of portals and blogs that welcome sponsored publications. Using marketin9, advertisers do not need to get in touch with publishers directly but benefit from automated processes that make publishing brand content more efficient. marketin9 provides advertisers with flexibility in designing and executing their content marketing campaigns – advertisers can order only as many publications as they need at a given time.
marketin9 team is happy to help you in creating content that will captivate your audience. You can order content on marketin9 in a few simple steps. For example, if you would like to order a sponsored article, click on Order a new article tab. The link will take you to the first screen in our process of ordering sponsored articles where you will be asked to add all the essential information about your article, choose its type and length, and add photos. Need more help? Have a look at this step-by-step manual.
Advertisers can review the number and type of links included in the article. These details are set out by the publisher in their offer. Once you submit a sponsored article to a publisher and they accept to publish your article, you will be able to see the final draft of the article and accept it before publication.
Advertisers and publishers can use the marketin9 platform free of charge. We charge a small commission for every publication realized with the help of our platform. We also charge advertisers and publishers for sponsored content created by our team. Using the platform allows advertisers and publishers full flexibility in deciding how much content they would like to publish at a given time. We are happy to offer advertisers and publishers a discount in the case of a long-term collaboration.
marketin9 will deliver your sponsored article within three business days.
marketin9 will deliver your infographic within seven business days.
The publisher will publish your sponsored article within twenty business days, but usually, it takes one or two business days.
marketin9 will deliver your sponsored article within twenty business days. Advertisers then have three business days to accept the article and submit it to the publisher. At that point, the publisher has seven business days to prepare the final draft of the sponsored article. Finally, the advertiser needs to accept the final draft within three business days.


Publishers can monetize their portals or blogs by publishing sponsored articles on their website or writing expert content for advertisers. Publishers can also easily order content from the marketin9 team if they require new content for their websites.
Anyone can become a publisher on marketin9 as long as they own or run a portal or blog.
Your portal or blog can become part of our database if it fulfils these two conditions:
  • It is not connected to a link exchange system;
  • It does not contain viruses in its source code or links to websites with illegal content.
  • Its Domain Rating is at least 10.
Yes, a publisher can become an advertiser by simply switching the dashboard view from Publisher dashboard to Advertiser dashboard. Becoming an advertiser means that you will be able to take advantage of features like ordering content for your portal or blog or ordering sponsored content for publication on other websites.
You can add as many websites and publishing offers as you like.
Adding a new website and publishing offer is easy on marketin9. All it takes is logging into your account and clicking the Add a new website tab. The link will take you to the first screen in our process for adding new portals and publication offers. Type in the essential information about your website, describe its topic and statistics, and add a new publishing offer.
Yes, publishers can write content for advertisers.
Once the advertiser submits an article to you, you need to verify it, add all links as requested by the advertiser and specified in your publication offer, and prepare the article for publication. When the article is ready for publication, you need to notify the advertiser by inserting address of publication in your dashboard. Once they review and accept the final draft of their sponsored article, you can publish it on your portal or blog.
You will need to prepare the final draft of the sponsored article within seven business days after the advertiser’s submission.
marketin9 will deliver your sponsored article within three business days. Advertisers then have three business days to accept the article and submit it to the publisher. At that point, the publisher has seven business days to prepare the final draft of the sponsored article. Finally, the advertiser needs to accept the final draft within three business days.

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